The Certification


Certificate of factory production control. -Mixed concrete produced by industrialized process (FPC)
References to what is the 'F.P.C. Factory Production Control

The Technical Standards for Construction have introduced important changes to the ready mix concrete industry, among which must surely also counted the scope of the certification process control system called CVT - Factory Production Control. The rules introduce an obligation for it all ready-mix concrete plants to have adequate procedures for process control.

The review must be certified by an independent third party in possession of certain characteristics established by the measure and guaranteed by the Central Technical Services of the Superior Council of Public Works through a permit issued after a decree of the Superior Council of Public Works.

The certification must be owned by each CVT production facility ready-mix concrete by industrialized process. According to the formal opinion provided by the Board of Public Works on March 10, 2006 in response to some questions dall'ATECAP for concrete produced by industrialized process "is defined as those produced by plants, structures and techniques is organized in the pipeline that an establishment outside the shipyard. " Included in this series:

concrete produced in stationary
concrete produced in plants and factories industrialized prefabrication (fixed)
concrete produced in systems installed in industrial construction (temporary).

It must however be subject to control of the production process at the factory by independent third parties of the concrete product developed without trial, or one produced on site, usually in limited quantities, production processes, temporary and non-industrialized.

This type of concrete to be produced under the direct supervision of the supervisor who must ensure the qualification of the initial mixture, or rather the characteristic strength for each mixture homogeneous conglomerate. A key element to note is that the FPC certification should not be confused with the ISO 9001 certification, which is voluntary and can be adopted by companies to apply to the whole business a Quality Management System. The certification activities of the Process Control System in the pre-packing plant should rather act as similar to that laid right in the DPR 246/93 regarding the certification of conformity of construction products for the CE mark (Dir. 89/106/EEC).



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