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Calcestruzzi Valle d'Aosta


The Calcestruzzi Valle d'Aosta is located in La Remise 9 to Sarre (AO). Here we also found the foundations of its history. In fact, the Aosta Valley Calcestruzzi was founded in 1968. It was April 10, 1968 when the family MONTROSSET solid guarantee of seriousness and professionalism, the company decided to set up production of concrete.
A project that is rooted in time and over the years, the company develops in close relationship with their land.
Becomes stronger over time, moreover, the fleet and infrastructure are made.
The result of the experience and professionalism work is the Aosta Valley Calcestruzzi today, a dynamic and innovative ready to acknowledge the latest environmentally friendly around us.
The production facility of Calcestruzzi in Valle D'Aosta Sarre site occupies an area of ??20,000 square meters. The staff comprises 14 people and the company sells aggregates and concrete .
The Calcestruzzi primarily operates in the Valle D'Aosta Valle d'Aosta, where the company appears to be market leader
They are the experts, technicians, workers who every day provide added value in terms of professionalism.
In collaboration with the staff responsible for performing specialized laboratory testing on concrete and aggregates to verify their performance.
First, then, to be transported daily to the sites and provide highly reliable performance.
Guests are assured a consulting service that provides inspections on construction sites.
A complete commitment by which Calcestruzzi Aosta Valley is synonymous with reliability, competence and quality.


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