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The product line covers all the needs of companies in the construction industry.
Are produced and distributed concrete
in accordance with UNI-EN 206:
- Concrete for structural resistance
- Concrete for use in non-structural guarantee benefit
- Concrete composition required to
- Concrete for industrial floors and fiber-reinforced
- Lightweight concrete (expanded clay, lapilli, polystyrene, etc..)

Mixed concrete
The mixed concrete is a material obtained by mixing granular mix with cement, used as sub-base in road pavements and semi-rigid type in all the structural conditions in which you want to dramatically increase the bearing capacity of the foundation layer of the underlying conglomerates bituminous.
It is a conglomerate consisting of a mixture hydraulic granular gravel (or gravel) and sand mixed with cement and water. The concrete used is of type CEM II / AL 32.5 R class (UNI EN 197-1). The production is performed with stationary centralized production continues with volumetric components. The dosage of water is a function of natural moisture of the aggregate in such a way that ensured the optimum water content (+ 2%). The proportion of binder is generally between 2.5% and 3.5% by weight of dry aggregates.

The stabilized granular mix is ??made from a selection of alluvial gravel mineralogical mainly calcareous in nature, with possible addition of gravel.
It is used in all conditions in which you want to build a foundation structure with high bearing capacity, especially suitable for the last detected the underlying layers of flooring, both rigid (concrete) and semi-rigid (+ mixed concrete package asphalt), is flexible (asphalt). And 'advisable to apply in layers compacted thickness of not less than 10 cm and not exceeding 30 cm.

Then the products should be added that sand and gravel aggregates


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